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Hermecury 108" WorkHub, fine pitch 1.25mm LED UCT (Ultimate Collaborative Tool) -Resolution: 1920x1080, Cabinet Layout: 6x6 -Alluminum, 102KG, size: 2416x1498mm -Direct view: 108° wide, best viewing distance 4.2m, for 8-20 people room, 600nits, refresh rate 2440Hz -Quality image: 4000:1 contrast, display size: 3000x1687.5mm -Front maintenance, magnetic installation, ingress protection: front and real IP 20 -Solid floor-standing bracket, adjustable height -External connector HDMI, DVI, VGA input -Global certificates ETL\CE\FCC\ROHS\REACH\CB -Optional infrared touch system or ShadowSense touch system


Hermecury WorkHub is a future-proof collaborative end-point with software and hardware integrated. It adopts all the leading presentation, collaboration, communication and teamwork technologies by seamless integrating multiple pre-configured software and periphery hardware devices. You can use it to start a face-to-face talk, discussion, meeting, conferencing local or remote in workspace.

Hermecury WorkHub, consists of the direct view LED display technology, 20 points multi-touch and whiteboarding technology, wireless sharing technology, ReactivSUITE technology, 4K ePTZ camera with built-in microphone and stereo speaker. It's an all-in-one hub device, which has superior quality & performance from each aspect.

Hermecury WorkHub direct view LED display technology, adopts a single direct-view panel between 100-200 inches, mastering the art of latest LED technology, is bigger than whatever single LCD TV or monitor on the market, and uncompromising bezel-free than any LCD video wall which has at least 1mm bezel. The size of screen gives great operating flexibility with pixel pitches of from the well-selected 1.25mm to 1.9mm, which is the best size to cover a complete 1920x1080 full-HD pixels at 16:9 aspect ratio. 3 different size, fit with the needs of 20-100 people meeting room or other workspace. In addition, with the smart modular-mounting structure design with automatic alignment for ensured precision less than 0.01mm, and the front serviceable modules design for easy access to front pixel card when it's mounted on wall, it guarantees a spectacular visual performance, unrivaled reliability and great operating flexibility.

Hermecury WorkHub 20 points multi-touch and white boarding technology, by using infrared touch frame or ShadowSense frame. The infrared frame can accept 20 multi-points touch, while the ShadowSense frame scan support super-sensitive functions, to detect the size/shape of different touch devices, especially the figure and the pen to achieve different writing effects. In addition to the integrated whiteboard software, it converts the complete screen to be a big interactive white or digital board.

Hermecury WorkHub wireless sharing technology, has adopts an integrated wireless sharing app, which enables a wireless presentation, collaboration by sharing different platform source devices, including PC/lap-top, android or iOS devices, and also support "touchback" function to control the source device from the screen.

Hermecury WorkHub uses ReactivSUITE technology. ReactivSUITE is revolutionizing the way people communicate and share by creating a "Digital Table" where multiple remote users can simultaneously access, push and manipulate any type of content as if it were a piece of paper. ReactivSUITE simplifies mundane tasks involved with collaboration like inking, marking up, tracking changes, and archiving not only to save you time but lets you focus on being creative.

Hermecury WorkHub, has integrated a pre-configured 4K ePTZ Camera with two built-in microphones, and stereo speaker inside. The 4K ePTZ provides a wider field of view up to 120°, and the auto-focusing and auto-frame enables the important person in frame are always been focused in the center of the view. The speaker covers several pairs of base or high loudspeakers internationally, which could give a powerful and crystal audio performance.

Hermecury WorkHub dual operation system, provides both android system and Microsoft windows system, for the great hardware-proof performance. It enables the future-proof flexibility and expansibility, by improving to higher performance CPU, GPU, memory, flash and so on, no matter whether user wants to upload and run their own application software, control software, management software now or in the future.

Main Features

  • 4-6m viewing distance, 108" diagonal size screen on 1.25-pixel pitch, for a 4.6 meters viewing distance (P1.25 best viewing distance is 4.2m)

  • Size-free and bezel-free surface, above 100inch display without bezel, indoor display at 600 cd/m2 for unwearied viewing experience

  • Full-HD and even higher, 1920x1080 resolution at 16:9 aspect ratio, keep all the pixel and ratio as original as the source. Can be higher resolution when change to more density pixel card

  • High refresh rate, up to 2440 Hz protects eyes from damage

  • Installation Kit included, including the LED modules, power bar, dual controllers, mounting structure, over frame kit as well as spare parts and a pixel card removal tool

  • Redundant data and power design, ensuring the display remains operational in the event of a single controller of power supply failure

  • Front serviceable design, magnetic modules allows for installation in difficult to access areas

  • Hot-swappable pixel cards, can be replaced without turning the display off

  • Superior LED performance, high contrast, viewing angles, brightness and color uniformity

  • 20 points multiple touch, multi-touch frame sensor integrated with less than 0.1ms latency

  • Local wireless presentation technology, enables wireless sharing PC/Lap-top, smart mobile devices either android or apple operation system, and switch them to be shown on the main screen. In addition, "Touch back" function allows to control the source content from screen side.

  • ReactivSUITE software, with the additional pre-configured software inside, it provides a "digital table" on screen for multiple users to simultaneously access, push and manipulate any type of content, including writings, pictures, videos, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

  • 4K ePTZ integrated, a 4K CMOS camera with ultra-wider FOV (field of view) and ultra-depth DOF (depth of focus) lens is integrated, to provide auto-framing and auto-focus function to put the important view in the center always.

  • Built-in microphone, is integrated in the meeting camera side, to pick up the voice in the place

  • Conference Speaker Integrated, provides 32 watts treble and 38 watts mi-range and base sound for the complete room

  • Build-in Android system, provides wireless sharing software, whiteboard software by default and is expandable for more

  • Build-in Windows system provides Windows 10 operation system with ReactivSUITE software by 2 years' license and warranty.

  • Price does not include installation. Please contact Hermecury or your local AV dealer for information on pricing including installation.

  • Optional steel made stand, minimalist design with only three steel tube, elegant and robust

Technical Specification





Touch System

Touch System


Infrared frame

ShadowSense frame


Panel Technology

Direct View LED

Viewable Image Size


Display Size


Unit Size


Pixel Pitch



600 nit

Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angle


Refresh Rate




Dimming Capability

256 levels

Color Processing

Up to 16 bit

Displayable Colors

281 Trillion

Color Temperature  (°K)


Gamma (Max)



100,000 hours


About 102KG

OPS (optional)






256GB M.2



Video Speakerphone (optional)





Pickup Range










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